“Solnechnoye” resort

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Since a long time the children’s diversified resort “Solnechnoye” hosts a rehabilitation ward for disabled children with oncological and haemooncological diseases. On this ward, we keep children with haemoblastoses and malignant growths of various localizations who had passed intensive treatment in major oncology wards of St-Petersburg.

The resort is situated in a spectacular natural environment on the board of the Finnish Gulf. On the territory, there is a wonderful park with various playgrounds and chutes. Next to the resort, there is a forest with a lake and a waterspring. A 10-minute walk from the ward will take you to the Finnish gulf and a children’s beach. The shadow of hundred-year-old pine-trees gives hideaway to those who can’t be in the sun.

On the ward, we have the best conditions for children and their families: each family has a room of their own. The ward can take 24 families at a time. The course of rehabilitation takes 30 days, but it may be prolonged given necessity. The stay at the resort, the treatment and food are all for free.

All children go through a comprehensive examination that is meant to identify chronic infection centres, comorbid diseases and complications from chemotherapy. In case of necessity, we organize consultations with leading experts of the city.

The ward is fully provided with medication, so we can give both maintenance therapy and therapy of complications and intercurrent diseases. In a specially equipped hall, we conduct sessions of aromafitotherapy that are meant to take preventive care of ARVI and have beneficial effects on the nervous system (it normalizes sleep, decreases irritability).

On the ward, there is a fitness hall where we conduct group and individual sessions of therapeutic physical treatment.

An experienced trainer is working in the playroom. She teaches kids drawing, moulding, weaving and other. Some of her methodics are unique.

There is a staff psychologist on the ward, as well as outstaff experts from the “Harmony” center. The participation of kids and their parents in support groups enhances rehabilitation, increases emotional stability, social confidence of kids who were in treatment for too long.

Our school works all-year round. The individual tutoring, from prep school to high school, increases efficiency of the students. In a short term that comes after a long stay at the hospital kids may be adapted to return to a usual school.

Each month, the kids receive professional actors as guests. But the kids themselves also organize wonderful events and concerts, lead by a tutor and a musician.

Kids love to come to our resort, sometimes even repeatedly. Everyone finds themselves something to get busy with. The friendships that started within our walls continue in the city. It’s good here at any time of the year. Very beautiful is the autumn. The sandy ground absorbs water very well, so walks are only prohibited when there’s pouring rain. In the winter, the big snow chutes bring rosy colour into faces. In the spring, the snow comes off fast, and the many holidays don’t let either kids or grown-ups feel bored.

Despite many problems that are due to the scarce state funding, the ward lives and grows with the support of private sponsors.

We express gratitude to all organizations who had offered help to us:

Prommonolit CJSC


StaKos LLC

Web Plus CJSC

Technosecurite LLC

Klimat Kontrol CJSC

Russian children’s fund, the Leningrad region division of

Pilgrim, the charitable non-governmental organization

UMKA, the St-Petersburgian charitable non-governmental organization for helping disabled children

The Charitable fund “The House of Ronald McDonald”

Municipal district “Solnechnoje”

St-Petersburg State Art & Industry Academy

St-Petersburg State University for Architecture and Construction, Chair of Drawing

St-Petersburg State Children’s Philarmonic

The Leningrad Zoo


Special thanks to G.Ya.Zeitlin for his help in organizing the work of the ward.


Our address: St-Petersburg, Solnechnoje, 2nd Borovaya street 6, ward #5.

Phone: +7 812 432 91 28

E-mail:  solnetcnoe@mail.ru